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Lex van Dam is one of the UK’s most respected hedge fund managers, the author of How to Make Money Trading, a key opinion leader frequently quoted on CNN, Reuters, FT, and Bloomberg, and creator of the BBC TV Series Million Dollar Traders. He began his career trading stocks for Goldman Sachs, moved to GLG when it was Europe’s largest hedge fund, and now focuses on finding new investment opportunities at a private investment office. In 2009, he branched out with Million Dollar Traders, a reality show in which he trained novices to outperform professional traders, and in November 2010, he launched The Lex van Dam Trading Academy.

James Helliwell, Chief Investment Strategist

James Helliwell Portrait

Alongside his own career in fund management, James co-manages the Academy with Lex and presents his highly regarded analysis and market insights exclusively via the LVDTA Trading Club.

Trading started as a hobby for James during university, but quickly became an obsession and it wasn’t long before his career would cross paths with Lex to develop under his vast hedge fund expertise. Having established an impressive track record of his own working across multiple asset classes with some of the world’s leading investors, James joined forces with Lex at the Academy to teach their proven methodology to aspiring traders and investors.

Away from the Academy, James is responsible managing money as Chief Investment Officer for a range of equity and fixed income funds where he employs the very techniques that he teaches.

About the Academy

The Lex van Dam Trading Academy is the brainchild of the man behind 5-Step-Trading® and Million Dollar Traders, which aired on the BBC.

While Lex continues to teach trading and investing to an ever-growing global following of novice and experienced traders, Lex van Dam Financial Education is here to serve an even bigger purpose: we aim to provide unbiased financial education that empowers people to make the best decisions for their particular financial circumstances, and to contribute to the transparency and quality of the financial education industry.

Governments worldwide agree with us:
These include:
US President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability Guide ‘For City and Community Leaders to Create Financially Capable Communities’ released in April 2012;
World Bank’s ‘Global Program on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy’
‘White Paper on Financial Services 2005–2012’, European Commission.

We are now working with and looking for reputable local partners from a wide variety of backgrounds to launch educational projects in the USA, Europe, China, Russia, India and Japan, to name a few.
These partners could come from a wide range of backgrounds:
Government organizations
Local communities
Student and academic organizations

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